courses summary

The following courses are on offer:
• Introductory Business Studies N4
• National Diploma/Certificate in Human Resources Management
• National Diploma/Certificate in Financial Management
• National Diploma in Business Management
• National Diploma in Management Assistant
• National Diploma in Tourism
• National Diploma in Legal Secretary
• National Diploma in Marketing Management
• National Diploma in Public Relations
• National Diploma in Hospitality and Catering
• National Diploma in Public Management
• National Diploma in Medical Secretary

For the N4 Introductory Business Studies
you will be issued a certificate by the National Department of Education after the successful completion of the course. The certificate is recognized by Commerce and Industry. You choose four subjects depending on the diploma you want to do, for example a diploma in Human Resources Management you would choose Introductory to Personnel Management. This can be done if you don’t have N3 or if you do not meet the requirements. All other Certificates and Diplomas are issued by the National Department of Education and are recognized by Commerce and Industry.

Students will qualify for a diploma on completion of minimum 12 subjects ranging from N4– N6 together with 18 months of in-service training. Exams are available in July and November.

Entry requirements for Diplomas are:
Grade 12 or its equivalent

N4 Introductory Business Studies Entry Requirements:
Grade 10 or its equivalent
• Introductory Computer Practice
• Introductory Public Administration
• Introductory Communication
• Introductory Accounting
• Introductory Personnel Management
• Introductory Entrepreneurship

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